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    Cooperation with in North and South America.


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    Paymenterio provide payment solutions to game distributors, whose produc...

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  • 2017 10 10 SMS payments

    We launched the system of SMS payment - check the offer


Your profits from working with Paymenterio

  •   Better rates than paysafecard suggests You get the best offer and also have possibility to reduce costs determined according to the turnover. more

    By working with Paymenterio, you would not only get a better deal than the paysafecard would offer to you, but you could also reduce costs by increasing the turnover from paysafecard.

    Contact us for details about our commission offer.

  •   Marketing actionswith paysafecard and your logo on their website
    na ich stronie. more

    The technical integration and offering paysafecard payments to users of your website is just the beginning.

    After the technical integration is complete, we are going to prepare a promotion to support the sale of paysafecard on your website. We establish, with the paysafecard marketing department, what kind of promotion will be most effective in your case. There are a lot of possibilities - from a simple competition where you distribute paysafecard PINs to your users, even through retail terrestrial networks.

    In addition, we will add the logo of your business in the appropriate category on the paysafecard website, e.g. Online Games; Social media; Telephony or Internet Services.

  •   Even more marketing and business opportunities with Paymenterio partners.
    z partnerami Paymenterio. more

    Our partners are looking for new opportunities for cooperation, business development and mutual promotion, and therefore offer special discounts, such as:

    • which provides new services for publishers of online games and / or websites.
    • specializes in the sale of digital and box games and electronic gaming equipment.
    • recharge recharge, eg Steam Wallet in 30.000 terrestrial sales points such as Żabka or Kolporter.

    Co-operation with other Paymenterio partners can consist of both mutual promotion in partner-owned communication channels based on preferential rate.

    For details about the marketing and / or business collaboration capabilities with our partners, as well as details about joining the Paymenterio affiliate program and prepare a special offer, contact us.

  •   Pełna obsługa polskojęzyczna wszystkich procesów związanych z paysafecard - od integracji, po akcje marketingowe. more

    Nie musisz przejmować się potencjalnymi kłopotami wynikającymi z problemów w komunikacji po angielsku lub niemiecku z Wiedeńską centralą paysafecard.

    Nasz zespół poprowadzi w Twoim imieniu komunikację na każdy temat bezpośrednio z centralą paysafecard, zarówno mailowo, jak i telefonicznie.

  •   Competitive rates for SMS and telephone IVR services.
  •   The highest standard of safety connections thanks to SSL Encryption.

The benefits of using SMS payments

  • Popularność

    SMS to najbardziej rozpowszechniona forma uzyskania dostępu do płatnych treści.

  • Dla każdego

    Wystarczy, że posiadasz telefon i już możesz dokonywać zakupów w sieci.

  • Bezpieczeństwo

    Podczas płatności nie podajesz żadnych wrażliwych danych osobowych.

Advantages of paysafecard

  •   Increased turnover from 10% to 30% thanks to the acquire of new users who do not use online payments.more

    Paysafecard is a form of payment for people who do not have a bank account, and also for those who do not want to be share the personal data on the network for security reasons.

    In services which offers the virtual objects such as free 2 play games or Skins to CS: GO, paysafecard is a main form 80% of all payments made by users.

  •   There are not cannibalisations of online and card payments because paysafecard is directed at people who do not use.
  •   Increased profitability in that group of customers which use SMS payments thanks to their migration to the paysafecard system. more

    Users who pays for your service by SMS are similar group to the recipients of paysafecard offer (e.g. youth without a bank account). After the paysafecard integration, you could expect cannibalization of the part of the SMS payment in favour paysafecard.

    That means that thanks to SMS payers you can get much higher profitability because the commission charged by paysafecard is much lower than for SMS.

  •   Availability for everyone because paysafecard payments does not require a bank account or credit card. more

    Thanks to paysafecard your customers make easy and safety payments. There are two steps of making transaction: 1) buy a coupon in one of the stores, e.g. Auchan, Kolporter, Relay, Inmedio, Frogs, Movement, Euronet Cash machines and even in means of public transport, (b) enter the 16-digit code in the payment gate of the online store.

  •   There are no charge backs because paysafecard is prepaid payment method.
  •   For whom? Paysafecard is the most popular in youth services and in every place where users want to remain anonymous. more

    Payment using paysafecard is completely anonymous, meaning that users do not have to registrate or share their personal to make paysafecard payments.

    Therefore, paysafecard is the best system for following target groups:

    • Young people who do not have a bank account, and want to get things such as games, chats, dates, music, vod.
    • Adults who wants to remain anonymous because of using websites connected with bookmakers, casinos, dating, eroticism and similar.
    • Websites which users paying by SMS and want to migrate to paysafecard, which could get better profitability thanks to lower markup